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Covington County Schools Child Nutrition Program

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School breakfast & lunch menus can be found on the following link:

 School Menus

Covington County Schools is pleased to provide students a wholesome and nutritious breakfast and lunch meal every day.  Meal prices have been established for student breakfast and lunch meals.  Student meals must be paid at the time of purchase or pre-paid in advance.  Cash or checks are accepted.  Covington County Schools does not allow students to charge their breakfast, lunch, or ala carte purchases.  Each family is responsible to ensure their student arrives at school with money or pre-pay in advance.  If a non-sufficient fund check is received twice from the household, only cash will be accepted for meal payments.

Straughn Elementary School participates in the Federal Lunchroom Program and provides nutritious meals (breakfast and lunch) for students.  Adult/visitor prices subject to change.

2018-2019 Breakfast Prices:

Student: $1.00 (.30 reduced)

Adult/Teacher: $1.50

Visitor: $1.50

  2018-2019 Lunch     Prices:

Student: $2.25 (.40 reduced)

Adult/Teacher: $3.00

Visitor: $3.50

 Meals can be paid for daily, weekly or monthly.  Applications for free and reduced-priced meals are available to all students. Eligibility is determined according to household income. Students may bring their lunches from home if they desire. In accordance with the Federal Lunchroom Program, candy and carbonated drinks are not allowed in the lunchroom or at school any time except in special situations (celebrations, approved parties, etc.).

Students must have lunch money in their lunch account when they go through the line or they will be provided an alternate meal. Federal law prohibits the charging of school lunches. 

At the beginning of each school year, all students receive an application for Free and Reduced Meals.  We encourage families to complete this application and return it to your local school as soon as possible.  Applications are approved and valid for only the current school year.  A new application must be filled out each school year.  If you did not receive an application contact your local school.  Parents and students will be advised in writing upon approval or denial of eligibility for free and reduced priced benefits. is an online payment portal especially designed to allow parents to make quick and easy online payments to their children's school accounts. You’ll need your child’s ID number (not their lunch number) from the lunchroom and/or school office. Click on SMS as the school cafeteria.