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  Mission Statement  

The mission of the Covington County School system is to provide students with the skills and knowledge to become respectful, responsible, and resourceful members of society. 



  About The School  

Welcome to Straughn Elementary School

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The Proud Straughn Tiger Tradition Begins here at Straughn Elementary School. Straughn Elementary School is a rural public Pre-K through 5th grade school-wide Title I school in Covington County, Alabama, geographically located in south central Alabama, and operated by the Covington County School System. Straughn Elementary School serves the rural communities of Straughn, Heath, Antioch, Rose Hill, Babbie, Gantt, and Harmony. Since its creation in 1996 when Straughn School, a K-12 school established in 1886 separated into an elementary (K-6) and high school (7-12), our student enrollment has increased to 600+ students with two classes of Pre-K students. Over 75% of our students are transported to and from school on school buses, and 22% of our students attend afterschool programming on campus. In 2006, Straughn Middle School, a 6-8 school, was created. All three schools are located within walking distance of each other.

Community expectations, state accountability, and student-centered learning attitudes among the faculty, staff, administration, and parents/guardians have been the catalysts for Straughn Elementary School meeting its Adequate Yearly Progress in reading, mathematics, and science proficiency every year to date, a 95.97% attendance rate, 100% of teachers and paraprofessionals being highly qualified, and few incidents of discipline. Straughn Elementary School has been an Alabama Reading Initiative School since 2005, a state designated FOCUS school since 2014, an Alabama First Class Pre-K Program recipient since 2015, aan AMSTI school, and a recipient of 21st Century Community Learning Center grants totaling more than one million dollars.

Straughn Elementary School made an "A" on the Alabama State Report Card in 2018-19, the only public school in the county to receive an A. 

Straughn Elementary Earns an A on State Report Card - Two Years in a Row!

Straughn Elementary School Earns an A on State Report Card

Straughn Elementary School’s students, faculty and staff, and parents are celebrating the A on the 2018-2019 State of Alabama report card! For elementary schools, the grades are based on data collected in the areas of academic achievement, academic growth, and student attendance. Straughn Elementary earned 31 out of 40 points for academic achievement; 44.78 points out of 45 points for academic growth; and 13.68 points out of 15 for chronic absenteeism, totaling 90 points.