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Counseling & Guidance at Straughn Elementary School

The Counseling and Guidance Program at Straughn Elementary School provides comprehensive, preventing, and developmental services for all students. The principal, teachers, parents, or students can make referrals. Counseling and guidance sessions are conducted in small group, whole group, and individual settings. Some of the sessions include, but are not limited to: expressing feelings, cooperation, manners, respect, substance abuse, making good choices, anger management, conflict resolution, improving student habits, and career development. In addition, our program provides assistance in student placement, interpretation of test data, scheduling, program planning, outside referrals, and community awareness. School counselor, Ms. Mandi Morris, can be reached through the school office at (334) 427-1311.  It is our aim to help students strengthen their career, educational, and social skills by implementing the objectives of The Comprehensive and Guidance State Model for Alabama's Public Schools. By reinforcing the students' personal strengths, our goal is to have emotionally healthy students who are happy, socially well adjusted, responsible, and productive. The cornerstone of our program is commitment to the home-school partnership. We encourage home involvement and look forward to your interest and support.